I just want to give you guys an Update on the Phototherapy. I have completed 5 weeks and it has changed my life so much! The tenderness in my skin and joints has improved so much and well as the red sore bumpy rash on my skin is clearing up. I track my sleep with my FitBit and on a good night I would have a sleep score of 65 in the morning. Ive been used to tossing and turning all night the past few years because of my sore joints. My average sleep score since I started the therapy is 74-78. Just getting solid restful sleep at night has made a huge difference!

                                                             - Dar, IN.

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Happy Girl

I use the Aquex Iontophoresis machine by Daavlin to help stop excessive sweating caused by hyperhidrosis. It has been an absolute lifesaver! I use it exactly how the instructions tell me to and within 10 days my palmar and plantar sweating is 100% gone. I do not know what I would do without this machine in my life! Thank you so much for making this product so effective, cost-friendly, and easy to use! I tell everyone with hyperhidrosis about this miracle machine that I have found!

                                                                         - B.D. Pacifica, CA

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